10 Minute Meditation

Meditation Coach and Spiritual Influencer

10 Minute Meditation

Transformative journey with 10 minutes meditation first settles you into a comfortable position with focus on your breath, allowing the rhythmic inhales and exhales to anchor you in the present moment. Shri K.C Jain - Spiritual Influencer & Meditation Coach, directs your attention inwards in a gentle soothing voice, encouraging consciousness & a deeper connection with your spiritual self.
The benefits of this short meditation are profound. It serves as a mental reset, promoting clarity and reducing stress. Through consistent practice, you may notice enhanced focus, improved emotional well-being, and a strengthened connection to your spiritual core. The spiritual influencer's guidance becomes a beacon, leading you towards self-discovery and a more harmonious existence.

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About Kailash Chandra(KC) Jain

His keen interest in Yoga and Meditation led to his association with Preksha Meditation which he started practicing since 1985. He has, thereafter, been closely associated with it as National Convenor of Jeewan Vigyan Academy (a value education program based on Preksha Meditation), as also Trustee in charge and honorary Director of Adhyatm Sadhna Kendra, an Institution dedicated to Preksha Meditation and also working in the field of meditation and health for over 50 years. He is also Managing Trustee of Akhil Bhartiya Anuvrat Nyas. He has been Chairman of Mahavir International, Delhi an NGO working for eye and healthcare. He is associated with reputed public schools as also with Medi-dialysis Centre which is a unique proposition to arrest and reverse the Chronic Kidney Disorder with the help of yoga and meditation. He is part of many similar other social organizations and NGOs related to Value Education, Healthcare and spirituality.

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10 Minute Meditation