One of the words that we increasingly hear nowadays in conversations is ‘stress’. With the focus being put on mental health in recent times, there has been a growing awareness that stress can be a major hinderance to a ‘good’ and healthy life. If one were to simply put it, stress refers to a condition where
Stress does not always need to have negative connotations. When taken in its positive connotation, stress can inspire the individual to be stimulated, creative and grow as a person. It is when the stress becomes overbearing, and begins to take a toll on the physical, mental and emotional health of a person that it becomes a matter of concern.

There can be any number of triggers for stress. They could be work-related, from financial problems or personal problems, relationships, academic or peer pressure, or from illness. But they can all be pinned to a psychological origin and if unchecked, can lead to long term problems which manifest in the physical body as well as the psyche. Most commonly identified symptoms of stress include insomnia or excess sleep, lethargy, lack of concentration, loss of focus and concentration, anxiety and depression, low levels of energy, frequent headaches, weight loss, tearfulness, among others. Long-term complications from stress include high blood pressure, hyperventilation, recurrent skin conditions, heartburn and acidity, etc.

In stress management and to cure depression, Preksha Meditation offers significant benefits. Identifying all disorders, including stress, as being psychosomatic in nature, Preksha Meditation undertake to cure the individual from within. This is done through a combination of Meditation, asanas, pranayama, diet and nutrition changes and Naturopathy among others.

Since relaxation and mindfulness are stress management techniques which have also been accepted by the medical sciences as having significant effect on patients. Regular practice of meditation, guided as well as unguided (after a significant period of training), helps calm the mind and the body. For this it is also important that the practitioner practice meditation in a clean and quiet environment with complete focus and dedication.

There are different aspects of Preksha Meditation which serve useful benefits in stress management. Mantra meditation, Kayotsarga, Antaryatra, Shvaas Preksha, Sharir Preksha, and other techniques of Preksha Meditation practiced under the guidance of a trained instructor can be beneficial to those suffering from stress.

“At Adhyatm Sadhna Kendra, treatment and management of stress and affiliated disorders is available to patients on walk-in basis as well as in residential camps. Please enquire at the Kendra for more information on upcoming camps. Call: 09643300652

Shri K.C. Jain was born on August 18, 1957 at Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. He had the distinction of standing 3rd in the order of merit in Higher Secondary in Rajasthan Secondary Education Board in the year 1974. In the year 1977, he secured a Gold Medal in his Commerce Graduation in University of Rajasthan.


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